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Sedation dentistry

Oral conscious sedation dentistry

At Lilac Family Dental, we understand that some patients are fearful of dental procedures and experience anxiety before and during their dental visit. To make treatment more relaxing, we offer oral conscious sedation that is safe, comfortable care in the dental chair for patients with special needs or dental anxiety.

Under oral conscious sedation, you'll be able to hear, see and respond to the action taking place around you in the dental office, but you are much less likely to experience anxiety from it. Oral conscious sedation helps make your experience more comfortable. It is also safe and effective. Our dentists have been trained to implement sedation using well established and proven protocols with oral conscious sedation.

Oral conscious sedation is sometimes referred to as "relaxation", "sleep"' or "anxiety free" dentistry. Oral sedation is easy to administer as the patient will just swallow a small pill and it works well for most people.

How it works:

  • The patient will be prescribed a pill to take either the night before or one hour prior to the scheduled dental visit.
  • A friend or relative must drive you to your appointment. When you arrive at the dentist, you will be awake but feeling drowsy and relaxed.
  • While in the treatment room, your vitals will be monitored throughout the entire appointment. Treatment will be completed but it is very likely that you will remember very little of your appointment.
  • After your appointment, a friend or relative must drive you home.

If you have a bad gag reflex, difficulty sitting in the dental chair, fear dental treatment or need extensive treatment, you may be an ideal candidate for oral conscious sedation. Talk to us at your next visit about oral sedation dentistry. We are here to help you feel safe and comfortable in the dental chair.

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Oral conscious sedation allows you to be sedated just enough to be comfortable and unaware of treatment, as if you were relaxing.