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PlanScan E4D Technology

Same-day dental crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays and onlays at Lilac Family Dental

PlanScan E4D dental restorations will leave you all smiles. Using the most advanced non-metal composite materials, digital precision and natural design, PlanScan E4D technology crafts dental restorations to match your existing teeth to provide a natural bite and smile.

PlanScan E4D technology uses a digital scanner along with state-of-the-art laser technology to take an impression of your teeth and then creates the restoration in-office. Unlike traditional restorations, PlanScan E4D technology allows us to design and mill your restorations within hours instead of days, eliminating the needs for temporaries, multiple visits and messy impressions. The benefits of digital restorations with PlanScan E4D technology goes beyond same-day convenience. Your restorations will also look and feel completely natural. Digital precision means a perfectly comfortable fit. And, aesthetically, your metal-free restoration will match the look of your teeth for a beautiful, natural smile.

Our patients absolutely love the convenience and beauty of PlanScan E40 digital restorations—no messy impressions, no temporaries, no second visits, and they are all metal free! The final result is a beautiful, healthy, strong and natural-looking tooth restoration.

PlanScan E4D
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